Our Vision

Helping B2C enterprises regardless of size, access and analyse valuable consumer data information affordably. A privilege currently only reserved for the Goliaths and Titans of the B2C industry.

Our Mission

Paladium attempts to redefine the consumer data and analytics landscape by harnessing the power of granular consumption data to increase relevant conversions for businesses operating in both the online and offline paradigms while also providing augmented insights for companies to better understand the landscape they are in better.

What We Do

Data As A Service

Gain access to proprietary granular online and offline consumer purchase data to better understand your business landscape and your customer demographics better to gain an edge over your competitors and stay relevant with the ever-changing consumer trends.

``Discovery before Search``
As A Service

We know who your potential customers are and what they actually prefer to buy even before they search for it. Affordably convert relevant new customers better by letting them discover your business only when they might need your products and services, all before they even open Google.

Analytics As A Service

If you do not have your own analytics team, fret not. Paladium helps you analyse real-time data to provide you with a deeper understanding of how your customers and competitors think, allowing you to plan your chess pieces to grow your business better without spending too much money on it.

Contact Us

Contact No: +65 81395728

Email: [email protected]

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